Serguei A. Melkonian (Andranikovich) (Serguei A. Melkonian) - a famous theatre director, actor, educator, social activist, was born on April 17, 1947 in Yerevan. He graduated from the acting department of the studio (school) of the Yerevan Drama Theatre (now Theatre-R.Kaplanyana) - the People's Artist of the USSR Rachiya Ghaplanyan student Ruben Simonov faithful follower of the great Vakhtangov.

In the early '70s Serguei Melkonian organized theatre - studio "Vanguard", which became one of the leaders of the movement studio 70 - x in Moscow.

In August 1979 when "Rosconcert" was officially opened a new professional theatre company-Musical Drama Theatre Ensemble «Arlekin» under the leadership S.Melkonian

In the Board of Trustees comprised of leading theatre scene masters and public figures: People's Artists of the USSR - E.Simonov, M. Ulyanov, A. Zuev N.Bogoslovsky, Doctor of Arts Yu.Dmitriev, cosmonauts: P.Grechko, V. Sevastyanov and others. New theatre began actively touring. In 1984 the theatre S. Melkonian «Arlekin» leaves for Kazakhstan for several months. In 1985 S. Melkonian shows his performances at the Moscow theatre im.Leninskogo Komsomol (Lenk). In 1985, the theatre goes on tour in Yerevan.

Returning to Moscow in 1987, Serguei Melkonian Theatre opens its branch in Volokolamsk, Moscow region.

  • 1987 - traveled to Hungary
  • 1988 - tour in Austria and participated in the International Symposium on Human Rights Dialogue "USSR-Western Europe";
  • 1989 - Serguei Melkonian organizes and opens UNION OF INDEPENDENT THEATRE USSR
  • 1989 - Opening of the first in Moscow in the USSR Junior Professional Lyceum Theatre;
  • 1990 - Opening in San Francisco (USA) Charitable Foundation Theatre MELKONIAN THEATRE ARTS FOUNDATION;
  • 1991 Serguei Melkonian in California (USA) establish branch of the Moscow Theatre «» called International Arlekin Theatre";
  • 1999 Serguei Melkonian founds the American theatre academy "SERGUEI MELKONIAN DRAMA ACADEMU" (SMDA) format Russian-American acting school in Hollywood

Theatrical production by Serguei Melkonian

  • Twenty Minutes with an Angel - A.Vampilov (Russia)
  • Alpine Ballad - Bykov (Russia)
  • The longest night - B.Rabkin (Russia)
  • 20 years later - M. Svetlov (Russia)
  • "Retro" - A.Galin (Armenia)
  • Medea - Euripides-Anouilh (France)
  • How the Steel Was Tempered - Ostrovsky (Russia)
  • Hamlet - W. Shakespeare (Russia)
  • Jester on the throne - R.Lotar (Russia)
  • Francois Villon - P.Antokolsky (Russia)
  • Richard III - W. Shakespeare (Russia)
  • "Profitable" - Ostrovsky (Russia)
  • "Memoirs of a bright future" (Austria)
  • Theatre-1, Theatre-2, Footsfall - Samuel Beckett (USA)
  • Hungers - U.Saroyan (Russia)
  • Hello, out there (Murder in the American) - U.Saroyan (Russia)
  • Love for Three Oranges - C.Gozzi
  • Wall - L.Andreev (Russia)
  • Innkeeper - C. Goldoni (USA)


    Specificity Serguei Melkonian, director and master - this musical performances, which uses a minimum of scenery, the maximum stage light, "live" sound. Serguei Melkonian for performances characterized by a combination of plastic, mime, dance and vocal. Style single scenic preserves the traditions of the Italian theatre Dell'arte and contemporary musicals, and also includes the best achievements Vakhtangov theatre schools and M.Chehova.

    Performances Serguei Melkonian collected numerous rave reviews both in domestic and in the foreign press. Art theatre devoted serious creative research.

    Serguei Melkonian busy teaching activities for 40 years. During this time, Serguei Melkonian educated and raised about 400 students, not counting the 120 children and adolescents studying in professional theatre at the Moscow Theatre «Arlekin» Lyceum led by Serguei Melkonian from 1988 to 1993. Among these well-known actors in Russia, the United States, Canada, France, Ukraine and Armenia.

    Serguei A. Melkonian - founder of the Moscow «Arlekin» Theatre, Higher Theatre School and the American Academy of Theatre Arts SM Drama Academy. Author of a unique method of education actor , Honoured Art Worker of the USSR , member of the Union of Theatre Workers of Russia, Honorary Member of the Danish Cultural Institute , Doctor of Arts (Ph.D.). Serguei A. Melkonian is President of the American theatre corporation International Arlekin Theatre", Theatre Academy Rector SMDA and author of Russian- American project " Russian House in Hollywood ."

    At the initiative of Serguei Melkonian In 2010, the Academy of SMDA, Moscow «Arlekin» Theatre in conjunction with the Federal Agency "ROSSOTRUDNICHESTVO" developed a project to establish the Russian Center of Culture and Education in state California (USA), where it will operate Russian professional repertory theatre.

    June 7, 2010 signed a treaty on cooperation between the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts GITIS and American Academy of Theatre SERGUEI MELKONIAN DRAMA ACADEMY In September 2010, Serguei Melkonian with their American disciples founded "INTERNATIOAL THEATRE GUILD" ("INTERNATIONAL THEATRE GUILD"). Since January 2011, the Federal National Channel "Enlightenment" started showing rare performances of Serguei Melkonian. Also in 2011, held its first shooting a feature film Daydreams of Rudolph Valentino (Los Angeles) with a Serguei Melkonian's student Vlad Kozlov starring.

    About Serguei Melkonian can be found in the Great Russian Encyclopaedia, see "Russian Drama Theatre" and the World Encyclopaedia "WHO is WHO"


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