Serguei Melkonian founded a theatre studio «Arlekin» (named after the main character of the Italian commedia dell'arte Harlequin) in 1972 in Moscow.

Unlike other professional theatre companies of the former USSR, «Arlekin» disobeyed government organizations and theater, respectively, did not get any support from them.

Moreover, the authorities Theatre presents some dangerous criminal. In a country which suppressed any dissent, the existence of a fully independent theater it was like trying to revolt. No wonder, therefore, that until 1987 troupe «Arlekin» authorities refused permission to travel to touring outside the former Soviet Union.

After a successful tour in the U.S. in 1991, the theatre was «Arlekin» received international status.

One of the main and must be the most significant factors of survival Theatre is an irresistible desire for free artistic expression. This immutable principle advocated by Serguei Melkonian and supported by all members of the troupe, to overcome unimaginable economic and political obstacles in the pursuit of the highest manifestations in art.

The uniqueness comes in many theatre. His style was formed at significant influence of the creative principles of Brecht, Meyerhold and Vakhtangov and the basis of his repertoire consists of works of European classical school in conjunction with the traditions of the Italian commedia dell'arte (commedia dell 'arte ). Staging of «Arlekin» is often synthetically combined elements of rock, jazz, classical and folk music combined with the play of light, sound and special effects.